Fair Winds Sarongs

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Women who want versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn in several different ways may be interested in purchasing sarongs from FairWindsSarongs.com. A sarong is a piece of woven fabric that can be worn as a skirt, dress or bathing suit cover-up. Customers can learn how to wear their sarongs in different ways and buy devices to tie them from the company’s website. Dresses, hats, bags and jewelry are also sold here.

hawaiian-sarong-yellow-w-green-caramel-9Shoppers can buy sarongs in a variety of colors and patterns. Women who like bright colors and flowers will find pink, orange, purple and turquoise sarongs with floral patterns. Shoppers who prefer paler colors can buy light blue or light purple sarongs with floral patterns. These sarongs can be worn as sundresses or summer skirts.

Black and white sarongs with a floral pattern are available for those who prefer more neutral colors. Those who want dark sarongs with floral patterns can purchase them in black, brown or olive green.

Shoppers who want sarongs that will match other items in their wardrobes can buy sarongs in solid colors. Sarongs in dark colors such as black, navy and olive green can be worn as wrap skirts during the fall and winter. Women who want to add to their spring wardrobes can buy sarongs in pale colors such as pale pink, light blue, mint green or white. Those who like to wear bright colors can buy orange, red, yellow or hot pink sarongs.

Small silk sarongs that can be worn as scarves come in pink, turquoise, black and blue.

Sundresses sold here are available in white, light pink, light blue and brown. Customers can also buy green or royal blue sundresses or long dresses with painted flowers in bright colors. Black or white long dresses with bright painted flowers are also available. Women who prefer plainer dresses can buy long dresses in black or white.

Hats are available to match all the sarongs and dresses sold here. Hats in bright colors come in fuchsia, orange, yellow and turquoise. Hats in paler shades come in white, pale pink and light green. A number of hats are available in different shades of brown.

Designs on the tote bags sold here include shells, starfish and palm trees.

Earrings, bracelets and pendants are available in a variety of colors.

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The Rise of Online Learning

If I had to do college all over again I think I would choose to do it online. I know my opinion is probably in the minority, especially with eighteen year olds out of high school. They are ready to leave the nest!

I recently took a survey and it said what period of your life would you like to do over again. I chose my college years. It’s not that I partied or didn’t focus, but I just didn’t do it right. I say that for a lot of reasons that would probably bore you.

One reason though was my school was way too big. I was lost. Competition was fierce. Taking classes online reduces that and I think I would concentrate better.

Now that I’m a mom, I definitely know that online classes would be the way to go if I were going back to school. No commute for one! Creating more of a flexible schedule for two!

Here is an infographic showing the rise of online learning. More and more people are checking out the benefits and it is working for them.

Which career is best for me?

How about you? Ever thought about going to college online? Maybe you’ve already taken a class?