What Kind of House Are You?

What kind of house are you at Christmas time? Are you the type that goes all out? Lights all over the house and trees plus cute bouncy air figures in the yard? Maybe you do nothing at all? Or something in between?

Yes we’re going to talk Christmas lights today for a minute because ChristmasLightsEtc.com has a Spring sale and what better time to buy all of your decorations. Stop fighting those holidays crowds and save money now! 🙂

Back to what type of House you are. We fall in the middle, but lean towards almost do nothing. I put a cute Santa plague on the front door and Hubby puts up like 2 strings of lights around the door and window and that is about it. Nothing fancy at all.

Now we have a neighbor and we love love watching them put up their holiday decor. Christmas is the best because do you know what they have? Dancing lights. Yes! Their lights are synchronized to music and it is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. On top of that they have about 10 of those air bouncy balloons – santa, snoopy, snowman – you name it. We walk down to their house multiple times of week to watch it. So much work that all must be!

palm tree

I always say I’m going to do a Christmas Beachy theme. All white. Shells. Glitter. Snow. Wouldn’t that be pretty? Look what I found at ChristmasLightsEtc.com? Love it! I would put it in my yard now, but if I lived on the beach then I think it would be double awesome! One day when I get my dream house…lol.

So tell me, What Kind of House Are You at the holidays? Lots of lights? No lights? Can’t wait to hear all of the details!

I partnered with ChristmasLightsEtc.com for this post. All opinions are my own.


Head Lice Management and Treatment

I feel fortunate that I have never dealt with head lice. Not when I was a kid and not with my own kids. I know it is a very common problem and I’ve heard lots of stories, but crossing my fingers that it is only stories I will continue to hear and I’ll never have my own to tell!

If my kids do come home with head lice, I’m not even sure what I would do. I think that I would head down to the drug store to buy a treatment where you apply a cream on the head to comb out the nits. I’ve learned after writing this post that most moms would do this, but is it the best course of action?

The online survey was conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Sanofi Pasteur during back-to-school season about Head Lice Management and Treatment. More than 2,000 U.S. moms aged 25 and older were studied.

Moms define the ideal head lice treatment as one that works quickly, is safe, and is easy to use. Statistics showed that while 67% of moms are aware of prescription treatments and 80% are aware of over-the-counter (OTC) treatments, around seven in ten recognize that not all head lice treatments work the same. Only 32% of moms who used an OTC treatment the last time they dealt with head lice and say the infestation was eliminated with just one treatment; the remainder (68%) say they used two or more OTC applications to treat the infestation or report the treatment did not resolve the infestation.

Bottom line? It sounds like getting a prescription from your doctor was a faster way to treat it! Did you know this?