Wendy’s Frosty Waffle Cones!

We are an ice cream family! Every single night my kids ask for it. Not that they always get it, but we sure know every joint in town.

The Frosty’s at Wendy’s are a nice summer treat. Hubby loves the Frosty Float with root beer and he is happy they come in vanilla flavor now. Me? I love the original Frosty made with fresh milk, rich cream, and cocoa.

This summer they have introduced The Frosty Waffle Cone!

IMG_2888.JPG (2)

Yum! I love waffle cones!

The Frosty has been around since 1969 and they have expanded the line to include the original Chocolate, Vanilla, Frosty Shake (Strawberry, Chocolate or Caramel), Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait, OREO® Frosty Parfait and Frosty Float.

I like that the kid size is pretty small. PERFECT for my boys.

IMG_2891.JPG (2)

These two aren’t into waffle cones yet, but I know one day soon they will be just like their big brother and dad. Pigs! 🙂

IMG_2886.JPG (2)

The Frosty Waffle Cone is available at all Wendy’s restaurants in North America for a suggested retail price of $1.49.  Join the more than 2.5 million fans in the Frosty fun on www.facebook.com/Frosty.

Do you love the Frosty?

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Parental Guidance is sure to make you laugh!

parental guidance

Old-school grandparents Artie (Billy Crystal) and Diane (Bette Midler) get more than they bargained for when they get stuck babysitting their type-A daughter’s (Marisa Tomei) overprotected kids. But things go from hectic to hysterical when Artie realizes the kids are running the house with their newfangled technology. By playing by his own rules, which include sugary snacks, old fashioned games and tough love, Artie manages to outsmart the kids and achieve the impossible- bring the family closer together!

We love a nice family flick and were happy to check out this PG rated movie. Do you know how hard it is to find a good PG movie these days? I am a huge Bette Midler fan and how can you not like Billy Crystal and Marisa Tomei?

We were expecting cute, but we weren’t expecting it to be GREAT!

Hubby, who I would call the movie buff of the family, REALLY loved it and could not stop talking about how funny it was. As soon as it was over he watched all the Extras on the DVD to laugh more.

We highly recommended you grab it for your next Family Movie Night!

Parental Guidance is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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