Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Activity Pages

My dad called us the week before he was to arrive last December for the holidays. He said, “don’t go to the theater to see Star Wars without me!” I would never dad. I still remember when he took me to the theaters when I was a little girl to see the originals. I couldn’t have been very old and one of the reasons we let P’Diddy come with this time. He knew a bit about Star Wars of course, but not well.

His movie experience changed everything! He is now ALL ABOUT STAR WARS! He turned six in February and Star Wars toys is all he wanted.

Star Wars

Just this past week Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out on DVD/Blu-ray/Digital HD. It is now the seventh movie in our collection (as I’m sure it is in most houses!). I don’t own very many movies these days with everything being digital, but I had to add this one to my collection and thank you Disney Movies Everywhere for allowing me to download it every device!

Here are some fun activities and coloring pages for the kids. I know P’Diddy will dig right in to these!

Is your family Star Wars fans too?

Find Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Amazon.

I received this movie in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own and link is affiliate.

Pleygo ~ LEGOS in the mail monthly

I’m going to be sharing a couple of really great ideas for the holidays in the next few days.

First up is Pleygo. A subscription service that would make an awesome present for your LEGO loving kids.


It is like Netflix. Pay a monthly fee, choose which LEGO sets you’d like to be sent to you and then build it, break it down and send it back to get another set.

Choose between three levels – Fan, SuperFan and MegaFan. The prices vary depending on how many pieces are in the sets.


Now the draw back is yes they have to break it down in a timely manner so that they can receive another set. My boys always want to leave it. They sit around the house like trophies. In order for you to get your money’s worth though you want to try new sets.

One other issue are the pieces. Don’t lose them! They are not yours! Their website claims you will not be charged for normal loss, but I learned that they do weigh the packages and will charge you if they are not up to standards. Do not forget the instructions! I was almost charged for a full set because I forgot to include the instructions. eeep!


My boys are having fun building sets that they see in the stores and gives me an opportunity to stay busy and use their little minds. Love watching them concentrate.

Check out Pleygo for your builders.


I was sent a subscription to help write my post. All opinions are my own.