How a Living Benefit Loan Can Help Someone You Love

Cancer is everywhere. I’m sure it has affected someone you know and the problem isn’t just a deadly disease. It’s a huge financial burden too. In fact, there are nearly 4.1 million cancer patients in the U.S. that are suffering financially.

There is a way to get help through the Living Benefit Loan Program from Life Credit Company. Most people don’t know that it even exists and that is why I am here today to help share the details. Maybe it will be the answer to someone you love.

Living Benefit Loan

How It Works:

A cancer patient can receive up to 50% of their life insurance policy’s death benefit today. If there is a $100,00 policy, then the loan will be $50,000.

They will not be required to make loan payments or incur any out-of-pocket expenses. Ultimately the loan is repaid from the policy’s death benefit proceeds with the remainder going to the insured’s family.

Life Credit Company will even cover all of the policy’s future premium payments.

Loan proceeds can be used by the borrower for any purpose without restriction. Even dream vacations.

There are no credit checks and loan applications are usually approved within three days.

Life Credit Company

About Life Credit Company: We are a licensed consumer lender that provides unique financial solutions to the cancer community. In December of 2012, we launched the Living Benefit Loan Program which has already delivered over 15 million dollars of funding and improved the lives of countless individuals.

Visit their video testimonial page to hear from directly those that they have helped!

Do you know someone who could benefit from a Living Loan?

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Learn What Hospice Care Means To Families

I do not know much about hospice care. I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t had to deal with sick or ailing relatives close to me yet. Though I’m sure a time will come when I will be doing my own research.hospice

For most people a good death means being physically comfortable, at peace in your own home, enjoying as many moments as possible with loved ones doing the things you love to do up until the very end. Hospice care offers that.

Hospice is a team-oriented approach to providing specialized care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. It includes expert medical care, pain management and emotional support for patients and their families. Hospice care supports living one’s life to the fullest with dignity regardless of how much time remains.

One hospice myth is that families lose control over what happens to their loved ones. The facts are that a family is generally able to choose their preferred hospice provider and can be trained to serve as a primary caregiver, with a specialist to provide support when needed. It is the unique nature of hospice that allows family to play a vital role in the patient’s care – creating more moments of life before a life is over. It is the quality of these final moments that can define a “good death.”

I know I want everyone I know and love to have that good death.

To join the national conversation on how to make more meaningful moments possible, find a hospice, or learn more about what hospice is all about…visit

For more information on hospice care click here.

Have you had a loved one in Hospice Care?

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