Iron Patches for your Hole-y Jeans Giveaway! 2 Winners!

I used to hear parents complain about their children and putting holes in their knees. I remember thinking what brand are they buying? C’Man’s pants always seemed to hold up fine. Well then O’Bear came along…


At first I thought with the second child, second time the jeans are worn, would make them wear more. Of course that is true, but this child seems to LIVE on the ground! He runs, slides, crawls, always on the move. He is very hard on his pants! And the holes have started to appear.


I began a stack in his room of jeans that he could still fit into to, but they had these darn holes in them and he couldn’t wear them to school. What should I do with them? I did not want to through them away!


I then found Iron Patches!! Iron-on Denim Jean Patches

These simple little jean patches arrived and all I had to do was iron them on for 45 seconds!


60-Day Money Back Guarantee because they are made to last!


What is super cool are the other products they also make…


Fabric Adhesive where you can make your own patches with whatever fabric you want in the shape you cut out! I made
a baseball patch!!

Backing Patch. Is your favorite pair getting worn and you want to preserve them longer? Add this patch to the inside!


The boys were a bit skeptical when I first told them I was ironing on patches, but then Hubby told them that he thought patches were cool when he was a kid. When the pants were finished, everyone was happy with the look and Hubby remarked that he wants to make some patches for his pants! 🙂

Iron Patches are very reasonably priced and always offer Free Shipping!

Be sure to check them out! 🙂


TWO Winners!!

2 Pack of 4”x4” Traditional Patches

2 Pack of 4”x4” Backing Patches

4 Pack 3.5”x8” Adhesive Sheets

Confessions of a Catholic Cop Book Giveaway

What an intriguing title. Confessions of a Catholic Cop by Thomas Fitzsimmons. Not a “normal” read for me, but I’m all about mixing things up!


Let me tell you a little bit of background about the author…

A former New York City cop who comes from a family of cops, and have been a private investigator and bodyguard to A-list celebrities for the past 20years (the last nine spent bodyguarding Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas).

He is on call 24/7 when his clients are in town and structures the rest of his days around writing. He’s currently working on this third novel.


What the book is about…

The rough streets of the South Bronx. Home to countless gangs, pimps, and hustlers. Where a gunshot is as common as a baby crying. Where a day without a murder is an oddity. This is where ten-year police veteran Michael Beckett has spent most of his career.

When he lands a walk-on role on a popular network cop show, Beckett hopes to trade chasing rapists, drug dealers, and murderers for a new life in front of the camera…and maybe even settle down with the young, hot writer on the show, Solana Ortiz. But when Solana’s neighborhood goes up in flames in a string of arsons, Beckett must put aside his caviar dreams and do what does best – police work.


My thoughts…

I was impressed the book had high ratings on all the review sites I looked up, especially since Fitzsimmons was a first time novelist. I was anxious to get reading when it arrived and I soon found it to be an easy page turner. I instantly liked the main character Becket, but not so much his crazy partner Vinnie.

While happy I don’t live in the South Bronx with gangs & shady businessmen, I felt for Solana who grew up there, but was anxious to leave at the same time. Both her and Beckett get caught in a web of wanting to catch the bad guys and trying to protect the people and property of this shallow neighborhood. Fighting for their lives as many people die around them, they develop a relationship with each other. Can they save the neighborhood and a relationship at the same time? You’ll have to read to find out!

This is definitely a book that Hubby will enjoy and I’ll be passing it along!


WIN Confessions of a Catholic Cop by Thomas Fitzsimmons

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