Natural & Organic Coupons to Whole Foods + WIN $1,000 in Groceries!

There was a time I was an avid coupon clipper. I would scour sales and find the best deals. Then I started eating better and being pickier about what I bought. I couldn’t find as many coupons for these items. I’m happy to see it IS getting better out there! I think because there is more and more natural and organic brands and products all the time. I’m happy to share that has some great coupons you can clip right now.

Have you tried Brazillan cheese bites yet? A family fav! And when I buy frozen fries instead of making my own I always grab a bag from Alexia. Yay deals!

These coupons can be redeemed at Whole Foods. And be sure to watch the mail and open the Wholesome Savings envelope being mailed in select areas around Whole Foods stores. Can’t wait to get mine!


One last thing. Be sure to enter the chance to win $1,000 in free groceries. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Enter at Good Luck!

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  1. Amy Ledesma says

    Yes that would be so awesome to win! I am a person who really likes cheese but oh I savor it and every winter I like to have some on hand for parties or winter storms. I so simple to either eat with crackers or put in a nice cheese and broccoli soup or to melt over a baked potato. It is a comfort food.

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