Sustainable Eating and its Many Benefits

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As a culture, we continue to evolve in many, many ways. That’s the nature of moving forward and picking up new habits, discovering new ways to do things, and so on. One thing that seems to be evolving in an entirely different manner is how we eat. More and more, we are reverting back to sustainable eating practices that involve eating what’s natural to the area in which you live. This is the idea behind eating local.

Eating Local

Scouring your local farmer’s markets for food, and everything else offered, has many benefits. First, it builds relationships between local residents and the local people responsible for their food, so you meet and see the people who are producing your food. Second, you are practicing sustainable procedures that enhance your local economy and decrease your carbon footprint. Many resources offer good insight into the importance of eating local, as well as many other sustainable eating habits.

The More Plants, The Merrier

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great, age-old way to maintain a healthy diet, but that’s no secret. But the global impact in choosing to eat more plant-based foods is something that cannot be overlooked. Shifting our diets to more plant-based eating habits is better for the environment than going the way of mass-produced meats and dairy, which uses an incredibly large amount of the world’s fresh water. The environmental impact of implementing more fruits and vegetables into your diet, on a steady basis, is large enough to make a difference.

Grass Fed, Sustainable Meat is Better in Every Way

While cutting back on meat, and incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet is a good idea, most people still want meat as a part of their diets. They key is to opt for sustainable meat. This is meat that is not raised with antibiotics or growth hormones; it’s animals that live happy lives, wherein they are free to graze and eat their normal diets. And, as is the case, these aspects of sustainably raised and produced meat lead to a far superior tasting piece of meat than anything that’s mass produced and raised in horrible conditions. Moreover, the environmental impact is far lessened, as small and medium-sized farms produce less waste, use less water, use fewer chemicals and fossil fuels, and so on. Check out these handy tips for more info on the many benefits of becoming a more sustainably driven food culture.

You Will Try New Things

Another great aspect of changing your diet to one that incorporates more local foods, as a means of incorporating a more sustainable diet, is that you will be forced to eat what’s available more often than not. This will force you to try new things, take on new ways of cooking, and will increase your overall knowledge about the foods you are putting into your body. Hampton Creek is a great resource for wonderful recipes and more. As is the case with anything new, you will find your own intricate ways to bring your new habits into the fold, and soon they will become second nature, and when sustainable eating practices become second nature for more and people, we all benefit.

Pay Attention

A simpler way to put everything mentioned before is to say that paying attention to the seemingly minor details makes a major difference in the long run. Just by making yourself take in local foods and products, or eat less meat, or even start growing your own food, you will be cutting back on problems that have persisted in our culture for so long. The simple act of being mindful of what you eat will lead you down a road of sustainability.

Seek a Healthier Lifestyle

If the environmental and global impact of a more locally-driven, sustainable lifestyle isn’t enough, there’s also the matter of health. This type of living will lead to a healthier lifestyle, especially when it comes to your diet. Most people would opt for a healthier lifestyle if given the opportunity to do so. Simple changes in the ways you get your food will lead you to eat healthier. Healthy eating comes in many forms, most of which involve finding what works for and sticking to it. It just so happens it’s far easier to maintain a healthy diet of foods that surround you. So take into account your local market and what it offers, and it’ll be an easy move toward habits that benefit your health.

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  1. Melanie H says

    We tried the Whole 30 eating plan. I have to say, it was much easier than I expected. We aren’t 100% compliant, but we eat way better than we ever have.

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