Cush Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Before I even had a chance to test out our new Cush Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion, my sister in law posted a status on Facebook informing us all about a purchase she just made. It read:

“My desk chair has become more and more uncomfortable and I went to look for a new chair and came across this on Amazon instead. It came today and o.m.g…. I think I might take this thing with me everywhere. At the kitchen table, the car, gaming night, camping, don’t care. I have lower back pain and sciatica issues and it’s like instant relief!”

Cush Comfort Memory Foam Cushion

It was a picture of the Cush Comfort! It made me smile and made me want to try it out right away. I actually wanted this product for hubby. You see, not only is he a chiropractor and cares very much about back pain, but he commutes 45-50 minutes to work each way everyday.

This is the perfect product for:

– history of back pain
– previous back/tail bone injuries
– poor posture
– commute in the car for log periods of time
– Sit in work for a long periods of time
– Looking to upgrade their office chair

From the secretary who is having backaches from sitting at a desk 10 hours a day, to the truck driver who’s leg goes numb after 8 hours of straight driving, to the commuter who is just sick of getting out of his car with a sore butt. The cushion is made to Ease immediate pain now and Help you solve the deeper issue behind your pain.

With each product they ship, tools and info is included to help you get back on track, stop the habits that are keeping you sick and kickstart the habits and routines that will get you well.

Hubby can’t use it in the car because it adds a couple of inches of height, but he has it in his office chair and says it is very comfy! We have memory foam in our bed and I can just imagine sitting on it in a chair. It’s not good for our bodies to have to sit all day, but that is impossible when we are at work, right?

So happy there is a product like the Cush Comfort that cares about back health.

Cush Comfort Memory Foam Cushion

Read more about it at and use code: clubcush for 10% off or find on Amazon where there is a lot of great positive reviews!

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