How to Use Your Juicer as a Trick to Get Your Children to Eat Their Greens

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There can’t be many parents around who have never had a problem getting their children to eat vegetables; often just the word itself is enough to put a child off. Vegetables aren’t associated with being fun, so children immediately decide that they aren’t going to enjoy eating them.

If you are having this problem with your children you may have adopted both persuasive and battle methods to attempt to overcome it; neither of these are usually totally effective. You can offer a child something they enjoy as a treat in return for them eating their vegetables; or you can tell them they can’t leave the dinner table until they do. Either way you are not really instilling the benefit of the vegetable into your children’s minds.

juicerHow can juicing help?

Using a Breville juicer to extract the juice from vegetables is a great way to introduce them into your child’s diet, but it’s important to note that this should be done as a trick just by way of starting to learn about, and enjoy, vegetables. You shouldn’t completely ignore the fact that children still need to know what individual vegetables look and taste like.

If you don’t take this into account then they are never going to associate vegetables with being a good and vital part of their diet.

Why are juicers so vital as a starting point?

The fact is that it’s sometimes just impossible to get a child to eat a vegetable off a plate; showing them how a vegetable can be fun in a juice is a great way of overcoming this.

You can start by simply including vegetables in juices for your children without telling them what the juice contains; this is where the initial trick comes in. It helps if you can make the drink a fun color, such as bright green, this will increase your child’s interest. Once they have got used to the taste of the juice, and are drinking it regularly, you can introduce them to the ingredients.

How can you introduce your child to the vegetables in their juice?

When you are due to make some juice for your child, take them with you to go shopping for ingredients. Talk to them about the vegetables that you are buying, and when you get home let them help you with the preparation. Never dumb down the process for your child; tell them the benefits they can get from the vegetables in terms they will relate to. You can pick their favorite super hero and ask would your child like to be strong like them.

Show them how the healthy broccoli you are putting in the juicer is one of the things that creates the fun green juice they love. That way your child will relate vegetables not only to helping them be healthy and strong, but also to tasting good. Very soon they will be accepting vegetables as something not only to drink but to eat as well.

*thank you for this guest post! I love the idea of juicing for the whole family!

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