Preparing for Hurricane Season

We haven’t experienced a real hurricane since living on the coast. A couple of times they thought one may be headed our way, but nothing came of them. I was just telling Hubby that this may be the year. With all the natural disasters occurring lately – fires, tornadoes – we may see some activity.

Actually, weather forecasters are predicting above average activity. As many as 18 named storms could impact communities along the coast. Hurricanes Sandy, Irene and Isaac serve as reminders on just how bad things can get.

We need to prepare for the worst ahead of time.


  • Take time to shop and put together an emergency kit.
  • Hit the road and practice an evacuation route out of town and to a safe place.
  • Pull out the camera and take pictures of the personal belongings.
  • Sign up for Allstate Alerts to stay on top of bad weather heading into the area.

We have somewhere safe that we would go a few hours inland. I definitely need to get to work on our emergency kit. Taking pictures of personal items is a great suggestion! I haven’t heard of Allstate Alerts until writing this post, but I will definitely be checking it out.

How do you prepare for hurricane season or another natural disaster?