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IG Smart Environment

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Creating and running our dream homes can be a real challenge. We want our homes to look good but not get us into any financial strife. Most of us would also love our homes to be kinder to the planet. However, sometimes all those household objectives can seem at odds, especially when we browse through images of eco-friendly luxury mansions. While these sustainable high-end homes may be covetable, they aren’t our only options for green living. In fact, living in a home that looks good, that’s affordable to operate, and that’s eco-friendly is probably easier than you think.

This infographic suggests several chic, sustainable home solutions to help your household save. For example, simply switching your incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with modern LED bulbs can make a massive difference. While these green bulbs cost a little more to buy, they last 25 times longer, so you’ll soon recoup your purchase price. Smart programmable thermostats are another sophisticated addition to any green home. These flat-panel units look so smart on any wall. Increasing your thermostat’s temp by 8-10 degrees for at least eight hours, perhaps while you’re sleeping, will reduce energy bills by 10 percent.

Don’t give up on your dreams of owning a beautiful home that’s affordable, yet eco-friendly. The simple tweaks outlined in this educational infographic should give you the inspiration you need to make your home much greener and cheaper to operate today. Implement the changes it suggests and you’ll soon see the savings.

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