10 Holiday Planning Tips

The Holidays are here! Well maybe not yet, but I’ve been busy planning for the Holidays on the blog so it seems like it is fastly approaching. Yes, I know I haven’t even bought my pumpkins yet.


Let’s chat a little on some ideas we have to plan for the upcoming busiest time of year!

1) Plan Ahead! This has been harder and harder for me as life seems to get busier as the years go one but I’m trying to learn that weeks or even months of planning make everything run smoother.

2) Make Lists! I have lists everything! My favorite new type of list is my sticky computer notes that are plastered all over my homepage. I have an online website I use for lists and my iphone has a list going. Lots of lists! Hope I don’t lose focus. Lots of lists! I hope I don’t lose focus with my bookmarked shortcut to partybingo.com lingering nearby to tempt me into procrastination and away from holiday preparedness! Focus! Just starting the list is sometimes the hardest part, then all there is to do is follow it.

3) Buy ahead as you run into deals! I was at Walmart last week and found a couple of toys on Clearance that were perfect for gifts. Wahoo for me!

4) Find your Holiday Decorations! Most of my ornaments and decor are in Red storage containers. This helps as I’m searching for them in my storage mess each year.

5) Think about Holiday Meals! Who will we be eating with this year? At whose house? What will I need to make and prepare. Start finding fun recipes in the magazines coming out.

6) Baking! I let each child decide on a cookie to make. Have them start thinking of what they want and if you need to buy any new supplies – like cake tools or different shaped cookie cutters.

7) Christmas Present Lists! I told my boys the other day that I wanted them to start writing their Santa List. This way when I am out and about I can grab things.

8) If you’re going out of town start those travel plans! Airlines & hotels will be cheaper the further back you are able to book them. Plus you don’t want them to fill up!

9) Deep cleaning! I know I like to thoroughly go through everything before all the new gifts come in. Plus company may be coming over. It’s just a good time to get a good cleaning and organizing in.

10) Plan your Christmas cards! I love sending out cards every year. I usually mail mine somewhere in the first to mid part of December. I have fun deciding if I’m going to do religious, modern, or the photo type.

Storkie Christmas Cards has a great variety of stylish cards to pick out!

What holiday planning tips do you have?


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Decluttering our Playroom #WallTracks

Decluttering our playroom is a hard task! Hubby all the time is telling me to go through all these toys! Where do they all go?

In our new house we have a formal dining room. Do you think that is what it is used for? No way! It’s a playroom! And we are very thankful for it. 🙂

I’ve thought of some ideas to help make this room a better place. Some of them I use now and some of them I NEED to do soon!

~Bookshelves is a MUST for all of our books! I actually have another one on its way and can’t wait until it gets here.

~Stackable Bins are wonderful space savers. We have a set of two. One holds our blocks and the top is for our superheros.


~Colorful bins like these are one of the best things I ever bought. It is great when I have them organized into sections – cars, pirates, dinosaurs, tools, etc. Not saying they last long organized but it’s such a good feeling when they are!

~ Toys having their own space like I mentioned above my dining room is what we used now. Believe me, I know this is not always possible. But try to at least have their own corner in a room and not let them be spread out everywhere. It’s hard!

~ Pick up every night. This doesn’t always happen and I’ve been more strict lately about it. It definitely helps when every toy can go back in its place each evening.

~ Toy Chest for the bigger items. All of our swords, transformer helmets, large dinosaurs, etc are thrown into this box.

~ Hooks are wonderful for the hanging items like aprons, jump ropes, hats. Keep them off the floor!

~ Garage sales. My boys love having a garage sales. Weed through unwanted toys and watch the smiles on the kids who come and find new treasures.

~ Goodwill after the garage sale is complete and you still haven’t gotten rid of everything you’d like. Some little boy or girl will love to have something new.

~ I hate to say it but some things need to go into the garbage. Toys break and some toys are just worthless like those kid meals from the fast food restaurants. Or Recycle if you can!!


If you have any more ideas I’d love to hear. These are the containers and storage devices we use for the most part and once or twice a year try to have a BIG declutter moment where the toys leave. How do you differ?


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