Why Las Vegas Is Still the Gambling Capital of the United States

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For many years, Las Vegas was considered to be the gambling capital of the world but has since been surpassed by Macau in China. Even so, there is no city in the United States or anywhere on the North American continent that can compete with Vegas. So why is Las Vegas still the gambling capital of the United States? Some of the reasons may just surprise you.

Gambling Is Not the Only Attraction

When Vegas was in its heyday, many tourist attractions sprouted up to keep families of gamblers amused while their ‘feeling lucky’ relative was at the tables or the slots. With a huge number of venues that are not related to gambling in any way, shape or form, Las Vegas still attracts more visitors than any other ‘legal’ city because of these attractions. Many people bring their kids along to sample and buy world famous Hershey’s chocolate at Hershey’s Chocolate World, Las Vegas. Actually, Hershey’s Chocolate World is well loved by gamblers and non-gamblers alike because, who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether you are in town alone or have the clan along for the ride, this is one stop you certainly must make.

Competition Increasing by the Year

One of the biggest reasons that Vegas was a gambler’s paradise for so many years is the fact that many states simply outlawed gambling in any form. In fact, some even went so far as to prevent church carnivals from taking bets on such things as the dunking booth and the shooting booth. When players would compete against others, bets were taken. Even counting those states where gambling is still a crime, there are more than 24 states now that have gambling on Native American reservations and offshore on riverboats. Some of these actually see bigger numbers than some of the casinos in Vegas so gambling in and of itself is not the same attraction in Las Vegas as it once was.

Hotels and Restaurants a Huge Draw

When Las Vegas was at the height of its popularity, a great number of 5 Star restaurants and hotels made their presence known in Sin City. Just as those attractions such as the adult heavy equipment playground and Hershey’s Chocolate World made their mark on the local economy, so too did these fancy restaurants and hotels earn a place in the tour guides. Many restaurants and casinos are actually part of those hotels and quite often package deals enable players to stay at the hotel for free or at a drastically reduced rate because they want your dollars going to the house tables.

Location Is Everything

Besides the fact that many states don’t allow gambling, the location of Las Vegas is a key consideration. The weather is typically warm to hot and there is no snow ever to contend with. While people do fly into Vegas from every area of North America as well as from every continent around the world to gamble, it should be understood that there is also very little else to do for hundreds and hundreds of miles. South Florida, for example, allows offshore betting where the cruises need to go out a certain number of miles in order to be in international waters. The betting can’t commence until they are a certain distance from shore. But even so, when not on board the cruises, there are literally tens of thousands of other activities that visitors can enjoy so a trip to the area is not limited simply to gambling.

World-Famous Entertainers Appear on the Club Circuit

Many of those amazingly popular restaurants in the grand hotels throughout Las Vegas also have dinner shows for their guests. Some of the biggest names in entertainment make the Vegas circuit so gamblers book their stay in a city where they can place their bets but also spend an evening with their favorite celebs and being served dinner and cocktails. Las Vegas attracts some of the most talented chefs in the world for this very reason.

So then, why is Las Vegas still the gambling capital of the United States? The main reason is probably because Vegas has been synonymous with gambling for generations. Also, there is much to see and do here and it is the only city within a very wide radius that has any major attractions or gaming tables. With all these things considered and the iconic name Vegas has made for itself for the better part of a century, if not longer, there should be no question why it is still the gambling capital of the USA.

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