If You Have Not Seen Pests Does That Mean You Don’t Have Any?

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Discovering that you have a problem with pests in your home is probably one of your biggest nightmares. Many of us dread this situation so much that we just sit back and hope that there is never a problem rather than facing the situation head on. It is always better to be certain where pests are concerned, which is why regular inspections of your home are a good idea.

You may think that you should be able to see and hear any pests that have invaded your home. It’s certainly true that you can often hear tell take sounds such as chewing or scratching, or that you may catch a glimpse of pests, especially in areas such as a crawlspace. But this does not mean that if you do not see or hear pests they are not around. You should not take chances; you should call experts such as a Virginia Beach exterminator to carry out an inspection of your home.

What do pest control experts look for?

If you ask a pest control expert to check for pests in your home they will carry out a thorough inspection of the property. They will check for any potential points of entry where pests could have entered your home. You would be surprised how even small cracks and holes can provide the perfect place for these unwanted visitors to enter your property. The pest control expert will also check for signs of the pests themselves, such as chewing damage, faeces or the smell of urine. These signs may not be apparent to you as often they are hidden away in attics, basements or crawlspaces.

What happens if pests are discovered?

Obviously, we hope that any pest inspection of your home does not uncover anything. However, there is always the chance that pests will be discovered in your property. If this happens you will need to have extermination work carried out. The pest control experts will carry out this work in any area of your home where treatment is necessary. If your kitchen is being treated then you will need to clear the cupboards, cover the items and store them in another room of your home. You will also normally be advised to clean the cupboards before treatment.

You should not touch any surfaces that have been treated until they are dry. You will often be advised to remain in an area of your home that has not been treated for the 2-4 hours that the drying normally takes. You may also be advised to get any pregnant women, children or people with breathing difficulties to leave the property for this period of time as they may be more susceptible to the effects of the products used.

As you can see, just because you have not seen any evidence of pests in your home, this does not mean there are none there. You should always have your home inspected for pests at least once a year, just in case.

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