You’ll Love These Crab Pot Trees! 20% off!

Hubby is always a little late in the game. Most people seem to have their holiday lights up outside the week of Thanksgiving. He just did it this week and it was worth the wait because it looks nice!

Crab Pot Tree

A new edition to our yard this year is the Crab Pot Tree. You’ll love their story –

During much of the year, Harvey and Sons in Davis, NC looks like a typical supplier to the commercial fishing industry, with stacks of brightly colored crab traps (locally termed “crab pots”) a major product. The variable nature of the fisheries, and a desire to keep the family business growing, as a legacy for his sons, prompted Nicky Harvey to look for other products.

Mr. Harvey’s roots go deep in the Down East culture, where “making do” and “doing with the materials at hand” are long traditions. His fertile mind played with ideas of what could be done with left-over materials, and he experimented with making miniature crab traps for coastal decor. Then he began experimenting with triangles of the coated wire mesh, and the Core Sound Christmas tree was born.

Crab Pot Trees

It is very easy to assemble, as it basically just pops up, then it folds flat for easy storage when not in season. There is many  sizes and colors and it would be fun to add one each year!

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You’ll love it!

Do you make your yard light up each year?

I received a Crab Pot tree for my posts. All opinions are my own.

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