Worst Cooks on Food Network Premiering in January

This title makes me laugh – Worst Cooks – because I could totally be on that show! Well, I may not be the worst cook, but am very far away from the best. ha! Many times you’ll find my meals far from perfect. My poor family. My husband’s mom was a great cook and sometimes I can just hear the words going through his head. Any kind of trick or tip to help in the kitchen I like to know. That is why it is fun to watch Food Network. I do learn things!

At the start of the year, The Worst Cooks in America returns to tv. The hit competition series transforms kitchen disasters into skilled cooks and five-time winner Chef Anne Burrell is returning for a rematch against Chef Tyler Florence.

We’ve been watching Chef Tyler on the Great Food Truck Race and I have to admit we’ve become quite addicted to that show and I want to try allll those yummy foods. We keep hoping they will come to our city so we can try one of each truck.

Premiering on Sunday, January 3rd at 9pm ET/PT, the seven episode series of Worst Cooks pits Anne against Tyler, each leading a team of disastrous cooks in an intense kitchen boot camp designed to vastly improve the food skills of their recruits. The contestant who makes the most impressive culinary transformation is awarded a $25,000 grand prize, in addition to delivering victory and bragging rights for their team leader.

Worst Cooks is comical, competitive and ultimately, inspiring,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. “Under Anne and Tyler’s guidance, these cooking-challenged contenders transform their hilarious kitchen blunders to refined culinary techniques – and the journey is truly entertaining to watch.”

Will your family be sitting down to watch Worst Cooks? Or maybe you’ll have your ipad ready in the kitchen to learn from their messups and get a few new ideas under your belt. It will be fun to see how they improve as the season goes on!

For more information about Worst Cooks in America click here.

How good of cook are you? What is the worst dish you ever made?

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