Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Dinner

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Does your family ever eat ice cream for dinner? On days when it is HOT and no one feels like moving much we do! Last night we had one of those days and I was stocked and ready for it. We were going to have an Ice Cream Sundae Bar. For dinner. Yep, I am the best mom!

Walmart Ice Cream

Earlier this week I headed to Walmart to try and catch a Blue Bunny Ice Cream demo. I was ready to try a cool treat! My visit didn’t match up, but I still headed down the freezer aisle to grab a carton of Vanilla. The base and most important item in my fun dinner idea.

Last night when he decided it was too hot to eat much I brought out all the toppings of the Sundae Bar. My boys were soooo excited! They kept reminding me it was just like visiting their favorite local shop where they get to top their own ice cream with a hundred choices. I didn’t have quite a hundred, but their eyes were still lighting up.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

With our Blue Bunny Vanilla, I had hot fudge and caramel toppings. I had fruits (was thinking banana splits!) bananas, strawberries, blueberries and of course a cherry for the top. I had marshmellows, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut and I even chopped up Joe Joe sandwich cookies (like Oreos) in the food processor. oh and I can’t forget the waffle bowls!

The kids had a hard time containing themselves! A little of this and a little of that.


It is funny how they think differently then me. I always try to have a theme – like all fruit. Or all chocolate. Or s’mores. Or something! They just throw it all in there together. Here are their masterpieces.

Ice Cream Sundaes

And here is mine. I had a Red, White and Blue theme. 4th of July is coming! This is a great party idea and I can think of a ton of colored options for you to create your own Sundae Bar on Independence Day. For any holiday/theme really!

4th of July Ice Cream Sundae

Check to see if your nearest Walmart will be particpating in the upcoming 4th of July Demo Store. Blue Bunny will be partnering with Chips Ahoy!

Be sure to check out all the flavors at I’d love to hear your favorite!


  1. We did ice cream for dinner the other night. It was the BEST! #cllient

  2. Trisha W. says

    I love waffle cones and bowls! You are such a sweet mom. (Pun intended.)

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