Earth Treks Discount for Summer Camp and Birthday Parties!

Earth Treks Climbing Center is the largest climbing gym in Colorado! My 13 year old talked about one thing the most when we moved here last fall – we wants to rock climb! When we head to the canyons and watch the climbers I can’t watch them for long because it makes me so nervous, but he wants to be them! ahhhh!

In Golden, CO you’ll find Earth Treks – 28,500 sq ft of climbing on walls up to 48 ft high. They¬†also boasts a huge fitness area and a full schedule of yoga classes. This summer they are also offering two rock climbing day camps serving kids age 9-13.

New for 2015 – Five day camp with indoor and outdoor climbing! We’ll have to check it out!

Grab this coupon for 15% off Summer Camps or Climbing Parties.

Watch for my post after my family experiences Earth Treks!

Does your family climb?

I partnered with USFamilyGuide for a family visit to Earth Treks.


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