10,000 Heart to Hearts to Help Senior Women

One of my daily prayers is ‘Please Lord keep my family healthy’. There is so much sickness out there! Of course I’m afraid of the usual cancers, which is how my grandparents and many other died, but it’s Heart Disease that I fear most. I was in 7th grade when my dad had open bypass surgery at a young age. I remember watching a video in the hospital about what and why this was happening to him. It scares me!

Many women don’t realize aging makes heart disease likelier. To combat this problem, teams from Brookdale senior living communities nationwide are fanning out to personally alert women 65 and over to their increased risk and provide resources to fight it. The company hopes to reach 10,000 older women through “10,000 Heart to Hearts,” beginning Feb. 1.

“Cardiac disease kills more women than all cancers combined,” said Brookdale chief medical officer Kevin O’Neil, M.D., F.A.C.P. “On average, women develop heart disease 10 years later than men, with their first heart attack occurring at age 70.”

Through 10,000 Heart to Hearts, Brookdale professionals will visit older women in their homes to explain the risk, check blood pressure, discuss healthier lifestyles, provide Brookdale’s heart-healthy cookbook and food, and connect them with resources. There is no charge for the visits, which will include women with Alzheimer’s.

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Does Heart Disease run in your family?

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