Worst Cooks in America Back for Culinary Boot Camp

My boys do like surfing for new series to watch, but most of the time these are pretty kid-geared. Not to long along I found them all sitting on the couch watching a baking competition show! They loved it and watched more then one. Culinary episodes seem to bring in a great draw…to all ages!

The kitchen competition show Worst Cooks in America is back for its sixth season starting on January 4 at 9pm ET/PT. It is where superstar chefs transform kitchen disasters into skilled chefs. Sounds fun!

Returning Chef Anne Burrell going up against first-time opponent Chef Tyler Florence. In the seven-episode series, Anne and Tyler each lead a team of kitchen-challenged recruits in a grueling culinary boot camp designed to turn them into skilled cooks. A $25,000 grand prize is awarded to the contestant who makes the most impressive culinary transformation, in addition to delivering victory and bragging rights for their team leader.

“Welcoming a new roster of Worst Cooks is an annual tradition, and our viewers love watching their comical kitchen mishaps evolve into serious cooking chops,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. “Anne and Tyler are both fiercely competitive and determined to whip their contenders into tip-top culinary shape, and the transformations are remarkable.”

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Does your family watch cooking shows?

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