$350 Amazon Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Fan’s Choice $350 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!
Hosted by ~ All About Parents
~ Co-Hosted by ~
and last but certainly not least
This giveaway will run from November 3rd – November 17th 4:00am
Deb asked her fan’s what was the next giveaway they wanted. Gift cards or money was the number one thing. So Deb from All About Parents made it happen!
There’s alot of amazing bloggers joining in on this giveaway! Make sure you show them some extra special love!
This should cover some Christmas presents or what ever else you want or need!
I hope everyone has fun and good luck!
Disclosure: Deb from All About Parents is sponsoring this giveaway herself , If you should have any questions about this giveaway please feel free to ask. In no way is this giveaway associated with Amazon, Facebook or any other social media site you might see it on. Thanks for participating!


  1. I know you didn’t set this up but I wonder if the person that did was aware that FB no longer allows liking pages to be entries in giveaways. You know me, I don’t report this stuff but I’m hoping it doesn’t cause any of the bloggers problems.

    P.S. You don’t need to approve this comment for public viewing. =)

  2. Angela Kidder says

    Great way to connect with other great business and parents

  3. I cannot connect with Dividing By Zero On LinkedIn unless I have her email address or someway of contacting her. SORRY!!

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