5 Problems Associated With Becoming A Senior Citizen

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Let’s face it. We all have to come to terms with our age. There’s no getting around it, growing older is a natural part of life. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can do the next best thing and prepare for the future. Staying informed and maintaining an active lifestyle is the best way to avoid some of the diseases and health issues involved for those over 65. However, even the healthiest of individuals still face many risks as they reach their golden years. Here are five of the biggest health problems senior citizens should know about.


Cancer almost always comes as a devastating shock for anyone unfortunate to be diagnosed with it. As people get older, they become increasingly vulnerable to cancerous forming cells that gradually build over the course of their lives. While some forms of cancer are hereditary, over two-thirds of cancer can be prevented earlier in life. Lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol, too much exposure to the sun and certain types of chemicals all can contribute to certain types of cancer later in life. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, early detection is a major part of preventing cancerous cells from building into something more dangerous. Check up with your doctor regularly and look for any early signs of concern. Those who are proactive will have a greater chance of stopping cancerous diseases before they start.

Heart Disease

Cardiovascular related diseases sit at the top as the highest killer of people in the United States. In fact, one in four deaths can be attributed to heart disease. Like most diseases, cardiovascular diseases are more common in old people and senior citizens than those in their twenties or middle-aged. In other words, seniors are much more prone to suffering threatening or even fatal reactions like heart attacks.


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As the body ages, its need for food consumption begins to decrease. Likewise, the body’s metabolism also slows down and its tolerance for digesting fatty, high-cholesterol foods wanes. Also for many aging adults, regular exercise and physical activities get reduced resulting in bad fat cells collecting in tissues and arteries. This contributes to a decrease in blood flow to the heart and an eventual blockage which results in a heart attack. Senior citizens can reduce their risk of heart disease by cutting out fatty foods and increasing their weekly amount of physical activities. In addition to diet and exercise, elderly individuals benefit from Lipitor to help decrease their cholesterol.

Mental Health

Despite what many people think about mental health, disorders like dementia are actually not a natural part of the aging process. Dementia in senior citizens can be triggered by a variety of catalysts linked by other diseases. Things like Alzheimer’s, reactions from medications, untreated infections, diabetes, and others can all contribute mental illness in older people.

Some forms of dementia are mild and temporary and may only cause slight symptoms like short-term memory loss. Other, more serious forms of dementia can lead to loss of motor functions, language and communication skills, mood swings, confusion and significant memory loss. Other mental illnesses such as depression are quite common in aging adults and can cause anxiety, insomnia and stress. Adults should seek professional help from a doctor before attempting to take any medications for mental diseases.

HIV and Aids

Among the sample for those who test positive for HIV every year, adults over the age of 50 make up roughly thirteen percent of those affected. The cause for this is because seniors are less likely to use protection during sexual activity, which can lead to the spread of HIV among active partners. In addition to that, many symptoms associated with AIDS (weariness, dementia, rashes, etc.) are also associated with more common elderly diseases, so patients over 50 are often less likely to get tested.


Arthritis is a common disease associated with aging and older adults. Many seniors face this issue as their joints and muscles become stiff and painful to move. There are around 100 different forms of arthritis and are treated depending on the type a patient is diagnosed with. For instance, Osteoarthritis forms when cartilage deteriorates, resulting in stiff, inflexible joints. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis forms when the body’s immune system involuntary attacks joint tissues resulting in swelling and inflammation around the afflicted area. In order to treat arthritis related illnesses, seniors should consider increasing their vitamin D and calcium intake. Keeping a trim physique also can ease symptoms as excess fat will put extra wear and tear on the problematic areas.


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  2. It’s not easy to be a Senior Citizen. Hypertension and Heart problem are common problems which has been seen maximum in senior citizen. Not only health issues but also many other issues faced by an old person, they are just like child and we have to treat them like a kid. Thanks to discuss to these health issues with helpful tips to cure them.

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