The Rise of Online Learning

If I had to do college all over again I think I would choose to do it online. I know my opinion is probably in the minority, especially with eighteen year olds out of high school. They are ready to leave the nest!

I recently took a survey and it said what period of your life would you like to do over again. I chose my college years. It’s not that I partied or didn’t focus, but I just didn’t do it right. I say that for a lot of reasons that would probably bore you.

One reason though was my school was way too big. I was lost. Competition was fierce. Taking classes online reduces that and I think I would concentrate better.

Now that I’m a mom, I definitely know that online classes would be the way to go if I were going back to school. No commute for one! Creating more of a flexible schedule for two!

Here is an infographic showing the rise of online learning. More and more people are checking out the benefits and it is working for them.

Which career is best for me?

How about you? Ever thought about going to college online? Maybe you’ve already taken a class?



  1. I have done both kinds of learning and I prefer the online bc it is more efficient! And it’s Eco friendly bc ppl don’t have to commute!

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