Prepaid Debit Cards

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Concerns over carrying cash or not having a bank account seriously harm many people from engaging in commerce. Whether it is teenagers who cannot legally open a bank account or families struggling, a prepaid debit card can help many people pay for goods and services using typical merchant service systems.

One of the leading prepaid debit cards on the market today is the KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card. Using the Visa merchant service, KAIKU will allow consumers to purchase goods with a card and pay for bills or products online. Like other prepaid cards, consumers will load existing money they have onto the cards. Instead of holding large amounts of cash on them, consumers will be able to consistently load their cash onto their Visa card. The money can come from checks, a PayPal account, direct deposit, a bank account, or physical cash. The money on the card is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy and the money is protected under FDIC regulations. Identity and personal information are also protected from KAIKU’s compliance with the PCI-DSS.

Many consumers, however, may be hesitant to invest in a prepaid debit card. The biggest concern many people concern debit cards fees. Prepaid debit cards will often have upfront fees to purchase the cards and then monthly fees if the consumer consistently loads money into the card. KAIKU, however, does not have a service fee, card activation fee, or a bill payment fee. ATM transactions and inquiries are free, while a domestic fee costs $1.45. The monthly maintenance fee for a KAIKU card is also only $1.95 a month and a replacement card will just cost $3.95.

KAIKU prepaid debit cards have competitive fees so consumers are not bogged down in fees. Consumers will be able to engage in different levels of commerce thanks to debit cards like KAIKU

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