Mitsubishi Memories

Mitsubishi-eclipse-spyder_9b190I still remember this moment very clearly. It was around 15-20 years ago and my brother and I were bored to death. We were at a car dealership, like the Mitsubishi Dealers Chicago. My dad was buying a Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible. Now we thought that was SO cool, but the waiting was awful!

SO cool it was. It was a deep purple and red color five-speed with leather seats. With the push of a button the top went down and our hair went crazy. It had two small bucket seats in the back for a family of four. We were a family of five so someone was always left out. ha!

Now do you think my dad let me drive this car? Sometimes he did! Loved driving this stick shift down our road. We lived off of a street where I could easily go 45mph and I used to wish for no cars in front of me so I could fly!

The moments I got to use it most were for special occasions like a birthday dinner or dance. He would also bribe me to go on errands for him. Yes, it was much more fun to go buy him ice cream when I was driving a convertible! I remember my boyfriend always wanted to take a test spin when we were out. Of course I did anything for him.

I was trying to google the Mitsubishi Eclipse so I could show you the exact car we had. I couldn’t easily find it, but I did learn that this car was made for over 20 years and they just stopped producing it a couple of years ago.

He used to tell us that it would be my baby brother’s car when he turned sixteen. I never thought he’d have that car that long, but guess what? My brother just turned 27 and he still has it! His summer car he calls it. With great mileage! I hope I can get a car like this some day. Not only is it sporty and fun, but it will make memories with my family.

Do you have experience with a sporty car or convertible?


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