Yes I need a Massage Chair! How about you?

massage chairThe other day Hubby and I were out to lunch and when we were done he grabbed me to head to the opposite direction from our car. I gave him a questioning look, but followed along.  We were in a strip mall and a few doors down from the restaurant he stopped to open the door and let me in. I raise my head to see where we were. A Back Store. Did you even know there were stores especially for backs?

You see my Hubby is a chiropractor and he had been wanting to check this place out. We walk in and he headed right over to these goofy looking chairs. They were called zero gravity recliners. Have you seen these? They allow you to lay all the way back so you are looking at the ceiling. The point of them is to take all the pressure off of your lower back. He wants one for his office really bad!

I sat in a chair like the Human Touch Massage Chair. oh so nice! I put my feet up and tried not to take a snooze. Now this is one that I want for my living room! Deep, rich leather. Comfy cushions that your body just sinks into. Massage technology from your feet up to your shoulders.

The whole store was filled with great items to help support your back…

Inversion Tables which turned you upside down! My dad bought one of these and I’m anxious to see it the next time I take a trip home.

Mattresses and support pillows. We recently got a new bed and I can’t tell you enough about the difference it makes! And Hubby will not sleep without his neck pillow. They don’t look very comfy to me, but he really likes it. Did you know that sleeping on your back or side is how you should sleep? Do not sleep on your stomach as it is poor posture and makes your low back sag as you sleep.

Tell me ~ do you think about your back and what it needs? Do you buy products that are supportive?




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