Wedding Invitation Fun at Minted.


I remember flipping through those huge wedding invitation books for my wedding. It was super fun, but a little daunting. I wanted white with no other colors and the books were filled with every sort. It would have been nice if I could have only looked at what I wanted and saved me so much time!

Also it would have been great to actually see my invite before I ordered it, but of course it didn’t work that way. The invites actually arrived with an error and I had to order all over again!

If only I would have had Minted thirteen years ago. You can easily sort…by colors, size, seasons, and more. Here are a few of my favorites. I wonder if I had to do it all over again today, would I choose white only? I don’t think so because these are toooo fun!

minted minted1 minted3

After you choose your style, there are a variety of paper options…even a 100% recycled paper to choose! You can then add thank you cards, rsvps, etc. all with the click of a button. A complimentary digital proof is included. Wish I would have had that!

gosh, I want to order mine all over again! So fun!

Check out Minted for the next family wedding!


How did your order your wedding invitations?



  1. Jeez. It’s been a long time I actually pulled out a piece of printer paper to take notes on a blog post lol. Thanks for this. You’ve earned yourself a new reader!

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