Kids Embrace Batman Car Seat


Gosh, I have gone through a lot of car seats in my time. Infant seats to convertible to booster with three kids. Now the problem I’m facing is what to do with them once they expire. Ideas? I hate to throw them in the trash and wonder if they are recyclable. I know I need to them them out of my garage!

I have to say though, that we’ve never had a car seat that is FuN! Check out this Kid Embrace Batman Car Seat. Any of my boys would have loved to sit in this! Superheroes are what they are all about and having Batman tag along with us for every ride definitely would have been cool.

This car seat starts at 22 pounds and goes through the booster stage. 5-point harness, latch system, headrest, and dual cupholder make this seat flying high in my book! Check out the Dora the Explorer, Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Spongebob too!

Would your kids love a character car seat?



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