Freeing up Space and Making Some Mad Money with Music Magpie

magpieI’ve chatted a lot about staying organized and de-cluttering my house this year. I’m slowly but surely doing that.

One area that needs work is our pile of DVDs, CDs, and Video Games. Since we stream or rent almost all of our movies now and our music is digitally stored on our phones, I am finding that I don’t need these anymore. Well, the video games are needed my boys might argue.

The best way I know how to get rid of unwanted items is to donate. I have also sold them in the past, but it just takes time to list everything and then have to mail it out, etc.

Well, my life may have just gotten easier. I found

Quickly type in the barcode or use their phone app to scan your movie. A price comes up on what they will instantly pay you. So cool! Then you print out their shipping label to mail to them for Free.

I will definitely be scanning all my DVDs and CDs this weekend. Very anxious to have this task crossed off my list and my space cleared out. Yay!

I do like donating, but as my mom always says ‘it’s nice to have a little mad money too!’

Will you be checking out to get rid of unused movies, music and games?



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