ExMark Lawn Mowers

push mowerWould you believe me if I told you that I didn’t mow a lawn until I was around 30 years old? Then I only did it a handful of times over a couple of years when Hubby was in school and extra busy. I wanted to go through my life never having to mow. ha!

The house I grew up in had a good sized yard. Almost an acre. My dad had a good sized riding lawn mower, like the ones you can find from Exmark. He would zip through our yard late at night as the sun was going down and it wasn’t so hot. We would play outside and hope he’d swing by to let us take a ride too. It looked like fun! Today, my boys love love taking a ride with their grandpa on his riding mower. He still lives in the same house with the same big yard. It brings back memories watching them!

After I got married, mowing didn’t seem like fun anymore. We bought the cheapest walk-behind mower the hardware store had. Hubby would moan and groan and let the grass get pretty long before he would head out to cut it. Gosh, he hated running to get gas all the time and would complain all afternoon if the thing wasn’t working right. He did not like to mow the lawn, but I sure wasn’t going to do it. No way was I ever going to learn. (until I had to! grrrr!)

When we moved to the coast, the lawn mower did not move with us. For the first few years we lived here, lawn care was taken care of for us. This was awesome! Tip: Live in a neighborhood that mows your grass. Last year we moved into a house and finally had to mow our own grass again. We debated about hiring someone, but we really couldn’t fit that in the budget.

Guess what we bought? An eco-friendly push mower. Hubby actually really likes it! It’s so easy that he even gets C’Man out there to help him. What is funny about it, is that we get people who will stop their car in front of our house and tell us they remember way back when they had a mower just like it. I don’t think they quite understand that ours is brand new and we choose it! 😉

What kind of lawn mower do you use?


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