Will your kids be driving soon?

My dad was in town the other day and jokingly asked C’Man if he wanted to drive. We all laughed because of course he said Yes! It got me thinking though. In three short years he will be getting a driver’s permit. oh my! I can’t even imagine that.

I remember my own driver’s ed program. I took it over the summer. The teacher who rode in the car with us was notorious for being fun. He would make us drive to his house because he had forgotten something that day or through a drive up window to get him something to eat. He would even take a little snooze sometimes!

My driver’s license book was attached to me for days before I took the big test to get my license. These were the days before the world wide web had abundance of info to help out. Sites like Education 4 Drivers¬†answer questions on what to expect, have practice exams to take, and info on all the state laws. I know I would have been all over that!

Well, I still have a few years left before I need to help C’Man go through all of this. Believe me, I’m going to enjoy them. Time flies so fast!

Do you have children going through this now?




  1. Yes I do. In our State kids can get a license at 15. We waited until our oldest was 15 to even enroll him in a class.

  2. Tests are reguralry updated, so check the website soon please.

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