Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day?

I just entered two giveaways for items that I would looove to have. I am trying to determine a way to clue Hubby in on what I want during this month of love.

Would I take the typical flowers? Yes! A box of chocolates? Definitely! A beachy necklace? Hubby are you reading this!

Do you ever wonder how your significant other goes about finding just the right gift? Do they hunt for online deals, like from the store Red Envelope who is full of discount codes. 15% off the entire order. 20% off all jewelry. Free shipping. I would take any of those coupons from this fabulous store!

That above is a Year of Seeds. Fabulous?!

Now what about the kids? Are they going to make their Valentine’s Day cards this year or are you buying from the store. I know it is already February 6th, but I truly do not know what I’m going to have them do.

If I have them make their own, we are going to do this baseball design. Though I think everything will be hand printed. What do you think? We are a baseball family so these really fit us.

But do you know how easy it is to go to Walmart and buy $2 cards from the shelf?

Ho hum.

One thing I do know for sure ~ no matter what gift Hubby gives me or what kind of cards the boys decide to give to their friends ~ this day will be filled with Love and Joy from our family. It will be special!


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