What type of Hair Products do you use?

I had fun jobs in my college days. During the school year when I lived on campus, about an hour from my hometown, I worked at the local Hallmark store. I loved everything about it. The cards, the collectibles, and the people I worked with. It didn’t pay more than minimum wage, but that was fine at the time. I was working mostly for spending money.

I came home a lot and never thought twice about where I was going to spend my summers. Each year I had the same job waiting for me. On my long school breaks too! It was at the local salon and spa. Now this was the salon in town. If you wanted to go somewhere nice to get your hair done, this place was it.

I was a receptionist and had SO much fun! Gosh I really loved this job. Classy women coming in to get their hair colored. Husbands surprising their wives with massages. Even the local television anchors would show up for a day, as they wanted to be seen here.

I, of course, would get my hair done for free. A manicure, a pedicure, maybe a facial. What more could a girl ask for?

One thing that I did learn in my years of working at a top notch salon, was that the hair care items a person used was very important!

If you had highlights, then you wanted to use a shampoo and conditioner that was made especially for color-treated hair. You wanted it to last! There were curly hair products for those people who are lucky enough to have some body in their hair. Is your hair dried out? Then you need something to get the moisture back. Stick straight? You need volume! There is a line for everything!

Not only are hair care products important for the type of hair you have, but please do not go to Walmart and buy the cheapest one you can. It will ruin your hair. It causes nasty build-up and is not healthy. Salon sold items are the best place to grab them! They are top of the line and is definitely worth you paying a few more dollars.

I will never buy ‘cheap’ hair care products again.

How about you? What do you buy?



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