What kind of shaving set does your man use?

Sometimes I am glad that the hair I have to shave on a daily or weekly basis is hair that no one sees. Well I guess they see it, but it’s not like men who have to shave each morning. I can be lazy and probably no one will notice my stubble growth. Hubby has to shave every single day or he starts to get scratchy face.

Now I think scratchy face can turn into a sexy scruff look, but he can’t go to work looking like that.

Over the years he has gone through a variety of methods for shaving. Until the last year or so he used a generic type razor from Walmart. I say generic because by razor standards it was probably cheap, but those refills were NOT cheap. I can not tell you the amount of times we would have a ‘discussion’ on why he continues to buy these expensive refills.

Is that what all men buy? I just didn’t get it. I buy the cheapest razors possible and they last forever.

He must have gotten tired of listening to me. Or maybe he was trying to be more green, because he finally bought a electric razor! Now the thing sits on the counter and takes up space and electricity as it charges, but at least we’re not shelling out extra money on refills every month.

Aren’t electric razors easier to use?

I would think that he would be happy with his new routine, but he still tells me that he prefers a real razor. A smoother, less irritant, shave I guess.

Every holiday I think about buying him a new shaving set. One that looks like this…

A classical stand with a badger brush. He loves when I buy him ‘good’ shaving soap, shaving cream and after shave. You know the nice, thick cream, that comes in a jar. Scented with essential oils for that heavenly, manly scent?

It sounds old fashioned, doesn’t it?

 So tell me…what does your man like? Is he the disposable razor type? The electric plug-in? Or does he get spoiled with a real Shave Set?


  1. hubby’s an electric guy. but sometimes uses disposable and YES they are crazy expensive! I don’t get it either.

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