Real Estate Signs Used to be a Big Part of my Life

Did I ever tell you that I was in real estate? Yep, that is what I did for nine years after college. Before we moved to the coast.

You’re probably thinking…isn’t what what people do when they are older? Like a second or third career? Mostly, that is true. I was definitely the youngest one out of our office. I was special though. It was a family business. My dad is a builder and owns a real estate company. I got my license after I graduated college to help with the selling end of things.

One of the first things I had to buy was my own signs for real estate. This is a very important part of the business! Each company will have its own style, but we were in charge of buying our own signs. There were decisions to be made!

Did I want the standard large size? What info did I want on it? Did I want my picture on there too? Should I order arrow signs and open house signs? How many? So many choices!

I looked through my files to see if I could find my sign to show you, but they must be buried in my old computer. My dad and I were a team (though I will say I did all the grunt work while using his name!) and we went to a photo session to get our picture taken together. Isn’t that sweet? We were the Tom & Courtney Team and our face was going to be all around town!

Really though, real estate is all about marketing. It’s a tough business and the more you can get yourself out there, the better.

I carried these big, clunky, signs everywhere with me. I learned that you can not have a small car. The bigger the better! I also learned that putting a sign in the ground in the middle of winter is very hard to do. ha! Muscles are not my thing and good thing I had a man on my team!

When I had C’Man, I stopped working as an agent in the buying and selling and began working regular hours as an office girl. Don’t take real estate agents for granted! They work 24/7 and are always on the go. A very flexible career, but they work so hard!

Do you have any real estate experience?


  1. I can’t imagine doing this kind of job – it sounds very busy but I also have friends who do it and love it so…. my only real estate experience is that I worked for 9 months as a receptionist at a real estate law firm. Very interesting AND BUSY!! 🙂

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