Portable Solar Generators Can Definitely Come in Handy!

I remember sitting in my high school English class and my teacher telling us that one day everyone, even high school students, will be carrying around cell phones that fit into our pockets. It would be the norm. I was so amazed and at the same time different really believe him.

That was less than 20 years ago.

Today everything is portable. You can even buy a portable solar generator to charge up all your stuff. Doesn’t that sound handy?

When we go on a trip, I have to make a separate list on what electronics I want to bring. 2 cell phones, 2 Nintendo DSs, Kindle, Tablet, 2 Laptops, MG Android Device, and the DVD player. Wow! We have 4 outlets in my car where we are able to charge everything up, right as we drive along.

When we’re at our destination there is of course an abundance of outlets. What would the kids do without their games and movies? Ok, I guess I need my computer too. Have we come to depend on them too much?

Have you ever thought about emergencies? I often think about to the fire we went through and had to leave with what we could grab in a minute. Or how about forces of nature? Disasters seem to happen more and more every year. There are some good reasons why we wouldn’t have any electrical power.

A portable solar generator sounds like a great idea. You can quickly charge up a dead cell phone with the power of the sun. The sun! Such a great, natural source of energy. You can light up a room so you aren’t stumbling in the dark. Keep your refrigerator running and your food from spoiling, all without the noise and fumes of gas generators.

Camping comes to mind too! You may not have many luxuries while out in the wilderness, but it would be nice to have a little power to blow up the air mattress and keep a night light on for the kids.

Technology. How do we live without it?

Have you ever thought about a portable solar generator? What would you use it for most?



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