Halloween Flashbacks & Lederhosen Clothing

I have to admit that I am not a huge Halloween fan. I do love the cute pumpkins, decorating in orange, and even the occasional witch flying around, but I could leave all of the gore behind. The other day the kids asked me why our front yard couldn’t be scary. As you see I am in the minority in my house…the kids loooove Halloween and dressing up. I guess I did as a kid too.

For the last few years we have had fun coming up with costumes in our house. We’ve tried to have the same theme for the boys. Two years ago was one of my favorites. Harry Potter and Ron. They really look the part, everyday!


Last year they were all into Star Wars. We had Luke, Obi Wan (or maybe it was Anakin), and baby brother got to play Yoda. He was the hit!



Now you may be able to guess what they decided on this year. We are all about The Avengers in this house! For months, the kids have been planning their costumes ~ Captain America, Thor, and little brother will be The Hulk.

I have ruined their plans a bit. When I was offered a Buddy costume from Dinosaur Train, I could not resist. He is a huge fan and definitely cuter than any Hulk.

Yes, we can’t wait to go trick-or-treating this year!


Let me back up a bit and talk about Hubby and high school. Definitely a flashback. He took German as his foreign language and each year they would have a celebration in their classroom. They decorated, brought new foods to try, and played German games. Anything they could do to immerse themselves in the culture would earn them extra credit.

Knowing my Hubby, if he would have know that he could easily buy Lederhosen shorts, shirts, and shoes, to be worn for his party, he would have. He was the fun one in school. The classmate who always made you smile. He would have loved to dress up for the part to earn his A for the day.


What was one of your favorite Halloween flashbacks?



  1. Your kids were super cute as Harry Potter characters! 🙂 And P as a dino – adorable!

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