Great Idea for No Gifts at the Birthday Party


I dread birthday parties. My kids do not need any more stuff. They really don’t. I always wonder if other parents feel the same way when I have to purchase a toy for a birthday party we are attending.

Have you ever thought about having everyone put money in your college fun instead of buying a gift? I think it is a great idea!

Try out GradSave’s Birthday Challenge. You can send out invitations with a link to your child’s College Savings Registry. If you can collect $1000 in 60 days, GradSave will give you back $100 to use towards the party.

Even if you don’t earn the $100 I think it is still a Win Win situation for everyone!


What do you think about giving money towards college in lieu of gifts?



  1. YES! this is a great idea. Kids do NOT need more stuff!!! 🙂

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