You Just Never Know

Many years ago, right after college, Hubby got into the financial and insurance industry. It didn’t take him to long to figure out this was not the field for him, but I will tell you that it taught him a lot.

One of the biggest areas of this new job was to explain to people why life insurance was a good thing. When you die, you want to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of.

In our house, we are mostly a one income family. If something were to happen to Hubby, I would be scrambling to pay for the funeral, the student loan debt, even his business loan.

How would I do that? Term life insurance.

It is not very much money at all. You would be surprised! I just did a fast instant quote at and found myself a $500,000 policy for only $22 a month.

Even when Hubby and I went through a time in our life that we could barely pay our bills, we never let go of our term life insurance.

You just never know when something could happen and you would need to rely on it.

Have you gotten a quote for life insurance before?


  1. No but need to I agree this is an important one to have!

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