Beach Vacations on the Gulf

A beach is a beach. I don’t care if it is on the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico. It is my favorite place in the world.

One summer in my childhood years, we got into the car for a road trip south. Coming from the Midwest this was a long drive. We did it every few years to visit my extended family in central Florida. We always did attractions in Orlando and then would visit Daytona, Tampa, or some other area too. This year we stayed on the gulf side and also stopped in Alabama and had a Mississippi Beach Vacation.

My best memory? My one and only time tubing. oh, I remember the I-Can-Not-Stop-Laughing feeling I felt as I rode that intertube over the bouncing waves. It was so fun! Gosh, I love being on the water.

I can’t recall every detail about that trip, but I bet you a million dollars that my dad had a round of golf coast gulf. He is an avid golfer, even today, and his clubs were always part of our luggage. The courses on the coasts are beautiful.

One day I will get my boys in the car and we will head to the Gulf and check out those beaches again and make memories of our own.

Have you traveled to the Gulf before?

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