Stay At Home Date Night Ideas….Or Maybe Just Quality Time Moments

Hubby and I hardly ever get a date night out. Once a year or so my mom will come into town and we will get a chance to escape for awhile. I know we can hire a sitter any day that we want, but we choose not to. We do enjoy our Stay at Home Date Nights though.

We’ve done a variety of things over the years.

Play Video Games. hee hee. Hubby would probably laugh if he saw me write that because this is something I really don’t do anymore, but before we had kids I loved to beat him at Tiger Woods Golf. I was gooood!

Get the Scrabble Board out. A battle of the minds can be good for both of you. Keep that dictionary out to make sure he doesn’t cheat!

Read aloud. Nothing brings closeness like sharing a good story. Anything from bible verses to provoke discussion, to being young again with Harry Potter. Great bonding will occur.

Exercise. Really! Hubby loves being my Trainer and planning out what we will do. Afterwards we reward ourselves with homemade popcorn and smoothies. Yum!

Well, maybe these aren’t exactly Date Nights…more like spend Quality Time Together Moments…but we really enjoy them, even from the comfort of our home. Glad I can point someone else to the online dating agency, as Hubby is all mine! 🙂

hee hee!!

What Date Night or Quality Time Moment ideas do you have?


  1. Clever – Stay at Home Date Night! 🙂 Love your ideas!! 🙂

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