Exclusive Art Of Marriage Ops

Earlier this year we had a small outreach to help military families strengthen their marriages when they return home from service. Now, due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to expand our outreach to get the word out so everyone can help!

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    • Donate!  Text OPS to 80888 and donate $10.00 to help our men and women in the military strengthen their marriage by attending an event showcasing The Art of Marriage! Less than the price of two cups of coffee!


    • Ways to Help ~ check out how else you can contribute!


  • Five Date Ideas!  It’s not just military men and women who need help with their relationships. Here are five great inspirational date ideas that will help bring you closer to your partner!
One of those five date ideas is Dance With Me. I’ve told Hubby many times that I think we should do that! One day we will go ~ even if he and I look funny being a foot apart in height! 🙂


I will receive a gift card for helping get the word out.

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