Build-A-Bear’s Workshop 15th Birthday

We love Build-A-Bear. I have boys who love Build-A-Bear. My oldest is almost 10 and he still loves Build-A-Bear. Who can not love it?

We actually have a lot of animal friends. Well, I’m going to guess my big boys have 5 each. It is such a great store and the perfect way to spend a family fun afternoon that many times we can’t resist. Especially when you add Build-A-Dino to the equation. Did I say fuuuuun?!

The last time we went was when we traveled back home last summer and my boys got to go with their cousins as a surprise. Family bonding! It was great and something they will all remember since they don’t see each other very often.


Build-A-Bear Workshop has some beary exciting news for the year 2012…

The first milestone is their 15th birthday!  Happy Birthday Build-A-Bear!

The second milestone is the celebration of selling their 100 millionth furry friend! Wow! So many children have new friends to share their days with.


Can’t wait until we get to visit again. P’Diddy is getting old enough to be able to join in the fun. Wonder who he’ll choose as his first friend?


I wrote this post for Mom Select & Build-A-Bear, in hope to win a gift card. All opinions are my own.




  1. LOVE Build A Bear! 🙂 So fun and cute! I want to take A. soon!

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