Mom-Inspired Driving Tips

I was in a car accident last spring. I totaled my car. Even worse, I had all three kids with me. It was 100% my fault.

The good news was that we all walked out without a scratch. Yes, God was definitely watching over us.

I can’t say that I was distracted, except for the fact that I was apparently thinking of to many things at once and not paying good enough attention to the road. I have been an extra cautious driver since then.

Here are a few of my tips so that it doesn’t happen again.

~no cell phones. I try try not to use it on the road, but I am not perfect at this. If I am on a familiar straight-lined road, I tend to not abide by my rule as much. Hubby wants to get me a blue tooth so that I can be hands free. I already try and use my speaker phone as much as I can. Also, I NEVER text. That would take way to much attention off of the road.

~seat belts and car seats. No one comes into my car unless they are wearing a selt belt. Even my 7yr old is still in a booster. My 2 year old is still rear facing in his car seat. Seat belts save lives.

~no fighting/loudness. Sometimes things can just get out of control when people are crabby and we’ve been in a tight space for a long period of time. Loud noises can be disturbing to the driver and make them agitated when the only thing they should be focusing on is the road.

~follow the speed limit. I hate crazy fast drivers. The speed limit is there for safety and I think everyone should abide by the law. Plus, it saves gas. Use your speed control if needed. I think it really helps!

~pay attention to your surroundings. This means anything from the weather to the driver next to you. If things aren’t looking good, then get off the road, at least until the conditions are better. Better safe than sorry.

I don’t think I paid as close attention to any of these details before I had kids. Now I am constantly thinking about how I drive and getting into another car accident is a fear that I have. I’ve tried to place these mom-inspired rules in my head so that I can be a better driver and teach my kids a good example.

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