How Do You Cut Costs?

Hubby and I have really had our share of money issues. We got married when he was still in school, and had our first child two years later. Then he worked a few ho hum jobs before going back to school to become a chiropractor. We still wonder if we’ll ever get out of debt?! We’ll be paying off student loans for the rest of our lives!

We started using credit cards left and right. How else were we supposed to get what we needed? At one point we did look into a debt consolidation service. I didn’t even know places like that existed, but was glad to see people could get the help they needed.

We decided to cut costs around the house. Here are a few changes we made.

Cut out cable & other luxuries. We do have it again today, but sometimes I wonder. The internet is full of TV and movies. Cable is a huge unneeded expense and a bill I hate to pay.

Do you need to belong to the pool or do you have a beach nearby? (or maybe that is just me! ha!) Does your child need to go to summer camp this year or can you find a recs program close by?

Coupons. I found a wonderful website that told me the store sales and which coupon to use. I would go to three different grocery stores per week, and boy would I save some money! I was so proud of myself.

We hardly ever go out to eat unless there is a free meal for someone. Kid’s Nights. BOGOs. The best way to eat out!

Shopping Online.  I look at it as saving time, gas, and car maintenance too. When you live in a bigger town, this can really become a burden. Look for free shipping sites, buy bulk, and always use a coupon code, which are easy to find. Also consider using a money back program like Ebates or Upromise.

It all adds up!

How do you cut costs to pay off bills faster?


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