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I admire military families. Being separated for long periods of time would be super tough and though I tease Hubby that he doesn’t do much around the house, but he sure is a huge help when it comes to being Daddy. I can’t imagine doing it alone, which is what military wives do.

Then the soliders come home from their assignment and it just has to be a huge adjustment for all. Getting back into a routine takes a bit of time again.

Did you know that Military divorces have increased 42% since 2001?

With the Finally Home To Family widget we all can help the men and women who have defended our country fight the war in their backyard!

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I think we could all use a little Romance reminder! 🙂


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  1. […] Earlier this year we had a small outreach to help military families strengthen their marriages when they return home from service. Now, due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to expand our outreach to get the word out so everyone can help! […]

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