The Benefits of Country Clubs


I grew up in a country club atmosphere. On of my first memories is swinging around my plastic golf club on the course. You see, my dad is an avid golfer. He plays three times a week!

We were members of the neighborhood club and I want to share with you all the benefits of country clubs. It shaped my childhood and I wish it was something that I could offer my kids today.

First, we lived close enough that we (my brothers and I) could ride our bikes. We had to ride down a semi-busy street and when I think about it now, it kind of scares me how we did that. It did give us exercise and promoted independence!

Second, each summer morning we either had golf lessons or swimming. Or maybe both. Two days a week it was tennis in the afternoons. It kept us very busy!

As a result of spending year after year in lessons, I became a good tennis player. My team won state in high school. My brother played golf in college. I don’t think either one of us would have went so far, if it hadn’t been for where we started.

Between each lesson, we would spend time at the pool swimming, grab lunch when we were hungry, and if my dad was around, take a ride in the golf carts. We were never bored!

The country club was one big happy family. We had our summer friends and families we hung out with. Pool parties, dinners, sporting events, were all part of the package. Soooo many good memories.

My family is headed to Orlando in a couple of months and I know my dad will be checking out the Florida Country Clubs to get a little golf in. Never a vacation without it! 🙂

Are you a member at a Country Club?

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