Is it Possible to Keep Your Holiday Home Clean?

If you would have been in my house only two days ago you wouldn’t have been able to move very far. I had stuff EVERYWHERE! I finally got everything I wasn’t using put back in their bins and they are STILL at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Hubby to carry them up. Maybe I should just do it.


We spent one night decorating the tree as a family. We watched a Christmas show we had on DVR, I made nachos in the oven to munch on, and we got out our ornaments and started to hang! It’s funny how long it takes since the boys have to push every button and make sure all the lighted ones work. Showing them all to P’Diddy was extra fun! His favorite on the tree right now is the Happy Feet ornament that does a little jig. And they all love the Hippopotamus for Christmas ornament!


I have a fireplace this year to hang our stockings from and a mantle that I crammed full of every little Holiday knick-knack that I could!


Now how do I KEEP it clean? Well that is a challenge as always. Our family room, where the majority of our decor is, is the room I try to keep clutter-free since this is where we spend all of our time.


I vaccuum the rug and sweep the floors daily.


I have an area I dedicate to keep our shoes and coats and if they cross over then you’ll get That Look.


Every night before the kids go to bed we tell them pick up, pick up your toys. Yes, pick up NOW!


Last but not least, I try to tidy up through out the day – the glasses go back to the kitchen and the books and misc. articles of clothes I find go to the bottom of the stairs to be carried up the next time I go. Or they sit there for a few days as everyone passes them by 🙂


But is my home REALLY clean on a daily basis? Um no way jose!


Any special tips to keep your home Holiday Clean?


I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners.


  1. My only tip would be to ship my kids to your house. =)

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