Gift Cards Make Great Gifts! Right?

The other day I wrote a post about my neighborhood grocery store BI-LO and how they have fuelperks! rewards. They were running a promotion where you bought a $50 gift card and you earned Triple rewards!

Gift cards are awesome because not only can you buy them as gifts, which I know is the first thought, but you can use them for yourself to earn points and rewards through various companies. BI-LO is just one that I have come across.

Another reward system I am part of is a program through my son’s school. Script it is called. Twice a month we can order gift cards from area stores – both online and off – and the school earns a percentage back! It’s awesome! Why not buy all of my grocery store gift cards when I know I will be shopping there weekly anyway?

To sum up ~ buy gift cards to earn money back or to help a local organization like a school. Awesome!

Now most people still purchase gift cards only for gifts. There are tons of reasons on why we need this!

~ have a hard to buy for person?

I remember one Christmas my mom purchased a gift card for my dad so he could buy some golf club he wanted. He is definitely the hardest person to buy on my list so I understood this! But she made it a little more fun and wrapped the gift card in a long box and weighted it down so he thought an actual club was inside.

~ buying a gift for a person you don’t know very well?

My kid’s teachers are the best example for this. I want to give them a token of my appreciation, but I don’t know what they like. I almost always buy them a gift card so they can pick out something they would like and can use.

~ gift cards are small and easy to mail.

I have a friend back home I like to send something small too. Postage these days is outrageous with packages. Finding a gift card in the mail is just as fun and much cheaper to send!

~ can be paperless through many online stores.

Go green and buy an online gift card. There are websites you can buy the amount, send to the person in an email, and that person can spend at whatever store they want! How cool is that? Or just visit a favorite store like Amazon and make a gift card purchase. Easy Peasy!

What is the reason you buy Giftcards?

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  1. I buy gift cards b/c it’s a fun way to give someone a treat. Like if you don’t have time to get together with a friend but just want to send them a “cup of coffee” – send a gift card! 🙂

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